Summer Vacation Ideas and Travel Getaways

Here are a some suggestions for Summer vacation ideas. Use as you wish or combine them to make a buffet vacation. Any of these ideas can be mixed or blended for your own purposes. For adults feel free to add (Beverage Consumption Research) at any point in your itinerary.

Things to consider for your Summer Vacation
What is your budget for your summer travel program?
How much travel time do you want to spend on your summer vacation?
What do you really want to see or do?

Big City Dwellers or Country Folk Exchange Program

If you live in the big city go to the country and if you live in the country go check out a big city. When in the exchanged location try to do as many things as you can that you could never do at home. You will either appreciate what you have when you get back home, or you never know, you might switch locations some day.

Art Adventures Vacations

Go see the creativity and art in each town you visit. It could be museums, art galleries or local craftspeople. Check out antiques, sculptures and points of creative interest.

Houseboat Vacations Getaway

Get a group of people together and rent a houseboat. Houseboat are like the RV’s of the waterway except when you jump off you go for a swim instead of a splat. Make sure you can get along with your group – not much fun if you are stuck on the water with annoying travel companions.

Western Ghost Towns or Explore a Ruin

There are hundreds of ghost towns and ruins all over the US. Have a look at Wikipedia and start building your list.
Ghost towns

Cowboy Adventures

Have you had a cowboy experience? Wait maybe I could word that better. Have you looked into staying at a Dude Ranch? Working Dude Ranches have been great vacation destinations for decades now. Try some Horseback Riding or wrangling. You could wrangle for a week with some packages. Do your research on this one and make sure you read the customer comments before you put down your deposit.

Grand Adventures

Why go on just an adventure when you could go on a grand one. And 9 times out of 10 the grander the adventure the grander the bill. f you have some cash, go test your adrenaline glands. Check here for a list of Adventure Vacation Ideas

Once in a Lifetime

Go to Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China, check out a live volcano, go whale watching or Swim with Dolphins. You have to think beyond a vacation and think about if you only had one chance for a once in a lifetime trip – what would it be? Do it now while you are still breathing – who knows what could happen between now and retirement.

Spontaneous Getaway Vacation Idea

Give yourself fifteen minutes to pack and be on the road. Start driving and see where the road takes you on your getaway trip. Make sure you have some essentials like Frisbee, beach towel and a lawn chair. Another suggestions is to have all your travelers prepare a bag so that they can go on a moments notice.

Another option for a spontaneous vacation getaway idea is to set up an email notification for low cost airfares - so if a cheap flight comes up, you can go on short notice.

Resort Vacations

Pay the money and live it up. Book an all-inclusive vacation with all the Zippitty Do da day that you can handle.

Train Tour Travel Getaway

What about booking a train trip vacation? No driving, no dealing with gas station attendants; just sit on your butt and watch the world go by.

House Exchange and Vacation Rentals

There are plenty of people wanting to trade homes… but keep it in perspective – you have to be offering something that people want. Chances are if you live in Cleveland a Hawaiian beach front property exchange might not work, but you never know. Check out the housing swap section on Craigslist for the area that you want to trade with. Post an ad and see what happens…

Or just book a vacation rental. There are lots of people all over the world that will rent their home which maybe cheaper and more enjoyable than a hotel – you can also find vacation rentals on Craigs list.

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