Summer Camp Ideas for Teens and Kids

Pick a Summer Camp Idea tand then search to find out how much it costs and availability. For public comments try Google searching your camp name with “sucks” and then try it with “review” and see what shows up. Still have questions phone the camp directly and ask as many questions as you like to make sure you are making the right choice for your child, your money and your sanity.

Summer Travel Programs Abroad

Have you considered doing an exchange with a stranger form another country? Trade your child for theirs for a mutually agreed amount of time.

Summer Camp

Just a general summer camp - nothing fancy just fun. Have a good look at their references

Culinary or Baking Camps

Teach them to cook and or bake – hopefully less work for you later

Language Camp

Make sure they have English down first before you send them off chasing another language.

Drama Camp and Performing Arts Summer Camp

Supercharge their creativity and help them figure out what they really like in life

Basketball, Baseball, Hockey or any other Sport Summer Camp

Tire the children out, give them some new skills and help build their self confidence. There is a summer camp for just about every sport there is.
Horseback Riding
Mountain Bike Camp

Creative Projects Summer Camp

Whether it is painting, pottery, sculpture – encourage your childs artistic skills.

Adventure Summer Camp

There are plenty of adventure camps out there. Wilderness Skills, Orienteering, Rock climbing, kayaking and anything lese that if you have enough money there will be a camp for it.

Math or Academics Camp

If that what your kid wants great – but don’t make them go there.

Musical instrument Camp

Well if they are going to play you might as well help them get good at it.

Gymnastics Summer Camp

Get kids healthy burn off extra energy and get flexible.

Backyard Summer Camp

This is the non official cheap way of sending your kid to camp – its called the “Tent in the Backyard Camp”

Dance Summer Camp

It is important to encourage kids when they are interested in something

Circus Summer Camp

Camp Winnarainbow in California will help your child gain circus skills. Hopefully they wont run away after to join a circus when they get them

Summer Spy Camp

Really there is – a 007 training ground. Well more like fuax spy training ( No CIA jobs for graduates. Check out Lohikan Camp in Pennsylvania.

Summer Swimming Camp

They could get their lifeguard ticket and be making money instead of spending yours.

Photography Summer Camp

What a great activity to learn about – something to make money at down the road. The financial opportunities in macaroni art just aren’t what they used to be.

Volunteer Camp

Get your kids involved in a volunteer camp where they can learn valuable skills, help people and make the world a little bit better.

Church Camp

Jewish Camp, Christian Camp – whatever your religion of choice – there is a camp out there that will help your kids learn a little bit about your religion of choice.

Teen Boot Camp

Boot Camp for Kids will get them in shape and maybe adjust your attitude. I am not sure of this is the best way to go – maybe you need to spend some time with them instead of shipping them off.

Computer Summer Camp

Expand your mental operating system with computer camp

Wilderness Skills Summer Camp

Learn how to do some outdoor camping, build fires, first aid and orienteering skills plus a whole lot more.

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