International Travel Ideas and Dream Vacations

African Safari Travel

Monkeys, lions Tigers, Elephants…… Wow – my friend Randy told me about going to Africa and having a lion waiting to pounce on him when he was getting out of a vehicle. Whoa! If that sounds more like last in a lifetime trip instead of once in a lifetime maybe this is not the trip for you. If you do go make sure your international travel medical insurance covers limb(s) removal by lions.

Best Hawaii Vacation

Well Hawaii may not be a once in a lifetime adventure, but it can be. Stay in Maui at the Fairmont hotel or some other classy la de da resort. So often we make our travel choices according to the best vacation package available but sometimes it is ok to treat yourself to a once in a lifetime luxury vacation.

Australia Holiday – New Zealand Adventure Travel

Well there is so much to do down under. The Aussies are a little crazy and the weather and water are warm and delightful. Scuba or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Chase kangaroos. Rent a RV (Combi in Australian) Learn funny odd sayings from the locals. New Zealand is the land of adventure. Some of the craziest Adventure activities out there. Like bungee jump from a helicopter over downtown Auckland. Kiwis are also some of the nicest people on the planet. Take at least 6 weeks for your Australia or New Zealand Vacation so that you can check out all that you want. It si a long damn plane ride and you better make sure you see all the things you want when you get there.

Go to Iceland for the Volcanoes

Iceland is the Geothermic Adventure Vacation. Live volcanoes, mud pools, natural hot springs. This one should really be on your must do list….it is probably a lot warmer in summer. I don’t want to go at the time of year they received their inspiration for the name of their country.

Round the World Travel - Sail around the World

Only for the really talented sailor(s) Death is real possibility. You don’t have to go all the way around the world. You can just hang out in the Caribbean somewhere, eat mangoes, admire the turquoise blue water, drink Rum and listen to your favorite music. Not quite sailing around the world but still completely respectable way to live.

Round the World Travel – Buy a Round the World Plane Ticket.

Ahh – you don’t even have to be that adventurous to do this. All you need is a giant bankroll and some time to discover the world. If buying a ticket sometimes it is better to buy one ticket with multiple stops, sometimes it is best to get a bunch of little flight segments on their own. It completely depends on where you are going and how long oyu want to stay.

Drive Across Europe

Again depending on your travel budget … if you are going to be there check into a short term lease. You may be able to find something that is quite reasonable. Make sure oyu do research you could save a lot of money with the right deal. Hey Europe is expensive – car rentals are expensive, gas is expensive, and the French still can’t get along with the Americans.

Take a European Train Vacation

Or a combination/ car rental/ plane ride/ and fit the train in the spots in between. European train travel is amazing. A pleasant way to travel and a glimpse into great public transportation systems.
Cruise the Nile

Great Wall of China

This one is a on just about every traveler’s wish list. And when you think about it is just a really long wall supported by the bones of numerous dead workers. Personally I would have to do something a little crazy. I would love to run naked at the wall but the government might accuse me of being the “Enemy Exposed”.

Touch The Berlin Wall

Can you believe that this even happened? Like WTF were they thinking? Hey let’s treat people like shit and control them… oh wait sorry was I off on a tangent. Things like the Berlin wall help you experience a whole buffet of emotions. From negative emotions because of the history and the things that happened and you can be joyous about the positive history of this story.

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