Adventure Vacation Ideas and Outdoor Travel

Here is a list of activities to get your brain thinking enough to find something that titillates you. Make sure you have the right level of fitness and physical well being to attempt your adventure. No need to die from over exertion on your Grand Adventure Vacation.

Ranch vacations - Cattle Drive Holiday

Yes you can drive cattle through the hills. I prefer to just eat the cattle. You can also do a straight trip on Horseback with no Bovine chasing involved.

Adventure Rafting – Rafting the Grand Canyon

People wait years to get a permit to raft the Grand Canyon. If you have money you can by pass all the wait and fuss and just go with a commercial company. If you can’t make it to the Grand Canyon for your rafting adventure there are adventure rafting companies all over.

Adventure Sailing Vacations - Sail the Gulf of Mexico

Well this was a good idea until BP came along. Bastards.

Arizona Vacations

Go check out Arizona – Lots of great adventures all over the state. Unlimited hiking, bird watching, mountains, desserts and pointy plants – don’t forget your citizenship papers. Arizona is a great place for an adventure holiday… go have some fun and experience some Arizona living

Adventure Kayaking Holidays

Take a Paddling Adventure Tour – try kayaking the San Juan Islands or any extended paddling trip. Or take a canoe and go for a portage.

Mountain Climbing Vacation

Some mountains you can just walk up and some you have to use ropes. If you want to climb a big assed mountain like Mount Rainier make sure you have some skills or you are traveling with someone who does. An adventure trip that involves possibility of serious injury should be well planned out with experience climbers. Go find some good ole American Hiking

Swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii

This sounds pretty nice hey? A trip to Hawaii – you up for that? It is warm and delightful in Hawaii. They have mangoes and pineapples. Need I say more?

Dogsledding Holidays

Now some people really want to go on a dogsledding holiday. I guess it is the need to go somewhere unique, hear the dogs barking and feel the cool winter air. I usually just go in the car, turnup the A/C and play my dogs barking CD and it is pretty close.

Check out Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park

One of the most beautiful natural formations in all of North America. If you haven’t been – it is definitely worth checking out. There are also the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. For some reason the Quality Inn at Zion Park seems like the place to stay.

Bike Tour or Cycling Tours in the Rockies

This is where I saw my first bike touring cyclists and was inspired to do my own trip. I cycled 8,000 miles around North America. Bike touring is a great way to really connect to your environment, meet the locals, allow you to eat whatever you want – AND has a reasonably cheap price tag.

Drive to Alaska

No matter where you live (unless you live in Alaska) is a gargantuous drive. Make sure you don’t forget anything at home that you would have to go back for. Try some fishing or catch the Summer Solstice for 24 hour daylight.

For extra fun shivers - combine 1, 2, 3 or even 4 of these activities in one vacation.

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